Clear Braces in Tucker & Marietta

At Duo Orthodontics, you can choose clear ceramic braces to straighten your smile without feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Clear braces could be your perfect fit if you're in Tucker or Marietta and want a discreet treatment option.

Your Clear Alternative to Metal

Clear braces with Duo Orthodontics are less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. Many older teenagers and adult patients in Tucker and Marietta prefer this option because you can achieve a great smile without the visibility of metal braces.

Structure-wise, clear ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces.

They consist of brackets and wires that slowly guide the teeth into place. The main difference is the materials we use.

The brackets are made of clear or tooth-colored ceramic that blends in with your teeth, and the archwire is similarly colored to be less noticeable. The goal is to give you all the benefits of braces without any cosmetic concerns.

clear braces

Advantages of Clear Braces

Less Visible: The clear or tooth-colored brackets won’t stand out, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious about smiling.

Customizable: Ceramic braces come in various colors, meaning it's much easier to customize them to blend in with your teeth.

Versatile: Clear braces can address many of the same alignment issues as traditional metal braces, including crooked or unevenly spaced teeth and misaligned jaws. They’re also more suitable for more complex corrections compared to clear aligners.

Cost of Ceramic Braces

One of the most significant factors that affect the cost of your treatment at Duo Orthodontics will be the materials used to make your braces. In our Tucker or Marietta office, ceramic brackets cost a little more than metal brackets.

The good news is we offer flexible payment plans and in-house financing, and we'll even check with your insurance company for orthodontic benefits. Our goal is to provide outstanding value for reasonable fees!

Treatment fees will vary depending on the complexity of your orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontist will determine a treatment fee that fits your specific orthodontic needs, and our office will do everything we can to accommodate you and your budget.

The work it takes to put your braces on, adjust them, and take them off must also be factored into the total cost of treatment. Placing and removing ceramic braces are more sensitive to technique and require more time.

Our treatment coordinators will happily discuss the cost with you at your free consultation.

Best for Adults

After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Nick Kim, we can determine which treatment option best suits you and your smile.

At Duo Orthodontics, we generally think ceramic braces suit adults and older teens better than children and younger teens.

This is because ceramic brackets are more likely to break and are more expensive than metal brackets.

Schedule a free consultation at our office in Tucker or Marietta to learn if they may be right for you.