Incredible results and inspiring journeys is what we’re all about at Duo Orthodontics. Take a look at a few of our patients’ before and after photos. Along with a beautiful smile comes better hygiene, stronger confidence, and a lasting friendship with our team.

Before / After

Severe Crowding

One of our favorite patients came to us at age 10 with teeth that looked like this. He wouldn’t even open his mouth much when speaking! We gave him this wonderful smile with braces, rubber bands, and the removal of a few teeth. Now he sings out loud!

Crowding and Crossbite (Invisalign)

This high schooler wanted to improve her smile and bite, but was reluctant to wear orthodontic braces. We quickly and easily gave her a new smile in about 12 months, and nobody new she was straightening her teeth. Invisalign and other clear aligner solutions are often ideal for teens as well as adults.

Crowding and Crossbite

This patient was treated with traditional braces and elastics rubber bands for approximately 18 months. The result is an amazing new straight smile.

Severe crowding and deep bite

This patient had many issues that she wanted corrected including the upper and lower teeth not fitting together correctly. We treated her in just over two years, and as you can see, having orthodontic treatment has changed her life.

Overbite and Relapse

This adult patient wore braces as a teenager but wasn’t happy about his overbite and alignment. He was treated with clear braces for 12 months and couldn’t be happier that he chose to pursue re-treatment.

Protrusion, Overbite and Spacing

This patient said her front teeth were “spaced and bucked out”. In about two years she obtained this amazing transformation.

Severely Protruding Teeth

The teen years can be difficult in the best of cases; for this beautiful girl, it was hurtful. She was treated with braces and functional appliances for about two years and has blossomed into a beautiful young adult.

Crossbite and Alignment

This high achieving teenager was busy like so many teens, but wanted an improvement in his smile line. He wore braces for a short period (12 months) and the changes in his smile and self-confidence are nothing short of amazing. This simple treatment has proven to be transformational for him,

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes mother nature doesn’t get the job done, so we have to help. This 8 year old had a front tooth that just wouldn’t grow in on its own. With braces and the help of other dental specialists we were able to help her right front tooth come into her mouth. She is now setup for the development of the remaining adult teeth.

Crowding and Protrusion

This beautiful teen was worried about very crowded and crooked teeth along with a very strong chin. She was treated in about 28 months, and has grown into a beautiful young lady with a balanced facial profile.

What folks are saying

You will be thrilled with the service and outcome of the work of both Dr. Barfield and Dr. Lewis. Both of my kids, now 18 and 15, along with myself have a beautiful set of straight good looking teeth and a smile to go with it! Thank you Dr's! - Laura
We really appreciate the personalized care we receive. No only during the decision making phase but through the entire process. Everyone was so friendly and happy to answer any and all of our questions. We are very pleased with the results - Rebecca's smile looks great and we would definitely recommend you to all our friends and family! - Karen
Thank you for all of your generosity and hard work that went into my braces treatment. All of you helped in one way or another and I am so grateful! Thank you for my new smile. I love it! - David
I want to express my deepest gratitude to two outstanding orthodontists and also to everyone who was involved in my daughter's treatment. Today is the day we are down to the final wire. My daughter's teeth are beautiful and most importantly, she has a healthy smile that will last her a lifetime. Thank you so much for caring about my daughter! - Richard
My daughter just got her braces off and her teeth are so straight and beautiful! She is so happy! Seeing what a great job they have done with her made me want to get braces, and I did. I can't believe the results I'm seeing in just a couple of months. Thank you docs and staff! - Cindy
Having Invisalign was not as hard as I thought. There was little pain and little I had to adjust to. The staff always greeted me with a nice smile and welcome. The doctors and staff were great, my experience was wonderful and I finally have a beautiful smile at the age of 55. Thanks! - Diane
We are really thankful to have found Duo. The whole team is open and welcoming. A simple thing like understanding our language makes a big difference. - Carla
We are so glad we came to you to get Avery’s teeth straight. For a kid it can be a challenge to wear braces, but he always left your office feeling encouraged and motivated to take care of his teeth. Your office staff has been friendly, professional, and very accommodating of our busy schedule. Thanks for everything! - Amy

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